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YIEB bootcamp

YIEB bootcamp
Happenings 2021

YIEB bootcamp

The experiences that I have gained from YIEB bootcamp was interesting and I have a better understanding of STEM education. I got to improve my technical and soft skills during hands-on projects like embedded system and prototype development. Most importantly, I was exposed to real life experiences through mentoring session from Key Industry players. This gave the participants a platform to gain industry exposure and career guidance from various industries. We were also able to communicate with university students studying in varying field related to technology as they were our mentors and facilitators.

YIEB boot camp has given me a lot of experience. Our team learned about new technology including digital transformation and prototype development. We had corrective feedback from the judges for our project.

Overall, the session was fun and we loved it! Even though we didn’t get the chance to win, our experience was invaluable and we are thankful for the opportunity we have had throughout the seven day boot camp.

Team leader

Arissa Hani binti Naimi ( 4 Rajin )