Student Activities

Student Activities

Leadership and personality development are core elements in student activities.

Sports and Games

The sports and games in KYS are rugby, netball, basketball, swimming, gym work and athletics. Qualified coaches are engaged to give training and coaching. However, students are allowed to pursue the sport or game they are good at.

Swimming is compulsory for all students. Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. It can serve as a cross-training element to other sports and games training. The purpose to make every student swim is that swimming is good exercise and it is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime. It is the choice carryover sport for all students. To ensure that all students swim, there is a 3000 metre swim challenge that every student must overcome before he or she graduates from the school.

Clubs and Societies

Activities are usually managed by students. Teachers act as advisors and facilitators, providing the necessary guidance. Academic competitions such as subject based ICAS, National Mathematics Olympiad, National Chemistry Quiz, Essay Writing Competitions are part of societies initiatives. Besides, there are a variety of other activities too – debate, drama, talentime, choral speaking, forum, workshops, public speaking, talks and visits.

Uniform Body

Students can choose to join the Scouts, Girl Guides or Red Crescent Society.

Hobby Based Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in hobby based activities that could develop strategic, tactical and creative thinking. Such activities include chess, robotic challenge, scrabbling, essay writing competitions, mind quests and online multimedia competitions.

Union Night

Union night activities are for students’ enjoyment. Its purpose is for students to build rapport with one another and to strengthen collegiality. Usually students are entertained to an inter-house activity or watch a movie.

International Linkage

In line with the effort to mould international outlook students, several international exchange programmes are made available for students. There are five different international exchange programmes.

Community Work

Every student will be given the experience to do community work – helping poor students in their studies, understanding the sick, providing services for the aged and orphans, raising funds and giving donations for a cause or need.

Leadership Training

Every student will participate in at least one leadership training throughout his five year study in KYS. The following student leadership training are held each year.