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Nia Katarina, batch of 2020 (Azforencia)

Happenings 2021

Nia Katarina, batch of 2020 (Azforencia)

Nia Katarina, our KYSER, batch of 2020 (Azforencia) was offered scholarships from Bank Negara Malaysia, Petronas, MARA YTP, Yayasan Peneraju & JPA JKPJ for her pre university and undergraduate studies.

She accepted Bank Negara Malaysia Kijang Scholarship and will be doing her A Levels at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, and then to pursue her undergraduate studies in either USA or UK.

“I am truly humbled on this success and wish all my teachers and staff at Kolej Yayasan Saad and my parents, my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to them. Undeniably, KYS ‘Centre of Excellence’ has successfully nurtured all-rounded students towards achieving greater heights. To upcoming and current students of KYS, the first step you meet when you enrol in KYS is the journey that you will take towards a common destination, standing on the shoulder of giants with burning passion towards your hope and aspiration in achieving your endeavors.”

Nia Katarina

Azforencia, Class of 2020