Housemaster System

Housemaster System

Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS) Melaka is a fully residential co-ed school. It is natural for the school to look after its students’ basic physical, social, and emotional needs. Learning can only take place when these needs are being met. To ensure that only the best care is given to the students, we introduce a housemaster system. The primary feature of the housemaster system is the provision of a system for pastoral care of the students within the boarding houses. At KYS, there are three boarding houses, which are named after the past Prime Ministers of Malaysia, Rahman, Razak and Hussein. Each house has a housemaster and a housemistress to look after the boys and the girls respectively. The housemasters and housemistresses are assisted by house tutors, teachers, supporting staff and the House Committee. Every new student who enrolls into the school will be assigned to a house. The student will remain as a member of that house until he completes his studies in the school. A secondary feature of the housemaster system is competition along inter-house lines. Besides, merit points for good behaviour and academic achievement may also be totalled up for comparison between houses. This house concept in KYS conveys the importance of belonging to a certain house, the loyalty shown to your house, and the pride in the prizes won by your own house in the inter-house competitions.

The rationale for the introduction of the housemaster system is the real need required of a fully residential school like KYS to:

  • provide quality pastoral care for a child away from home.
  • have houses which are a natural extension of family life at home so that every new student could settle in soonest possible to get on with student life.
  • provide personalisation of holistic learning for every student.

The housemaster system aims to:

  • provide pastoral care for students at the school.
  • develop leadership skills and personality of students.
  • create conducive environment for quality living where good housekeeping practices, proper house routine and attention on physical needs are observed.
  • provide effective guidance and monitoring of student’s interaction to maintain a balanced and fulfilling relationship with each other.
  • attract continuous enrolment of potentially quality students.
  • structure and adopt a responsive approach to personalisation learning, intellectual stimulation, attitudinal and physical development of each member in the houses.