About Us

About Us

About The School

Kolej Yayasan Saad (KYS) was officially in operation on 25 June, 1995. It is a co-educational fully boarding school that offers the Malaysian National Secondary Standard Curriculum together with value adding in its syllabus.

The KYS campus is located off the southern exit of the North South Highway, in Ayer Keroh, Melaka. Lush green foliage makes the campus environment conducive for both living and learning.

KYS is committed to quality education. Over the years, it has successfully nurtured well rounded high achievers with a global outlook who have moved on to enrol in good universities both overseas and within the country.

The all-inclusive education in KYS gives ample opportunities for students to discover, build and actualise their intrinsic potentials. Merit is always given a priority whilst accomplishments are encouraged and valued to promote a culture of excellence.

Giving students a voice bolsters the success in developing good character and shaping them as responsible citizens who potentially can become captains of industry and future leaders.