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Innovative Research, Invention and Application

Happenings 2022

Innovative Research, Invention and Application

Innovative Research, Invention and Application or as known as I-RIA is a research, invention and application development exhibition and exposition which showcases innovative projects from learning institutions not only in Malaysia but also internationally. Domains of innovation available are Technology, Cyber Security, Application and Multimedia Services, Smart Devices Design, Pandemic Innovation, Green Technology and Other topics in Science Technology.

Students and researchers are required to register their domain of choice, submit an abstract of their invention, and submit their final video and supporting documents such as posters, statistics and so on.

After the final submission, online judging begins. And finally, the day that all of us are waiting for, the announcement of results!

Researchers from Kolej Yayasan Saad managed to earn awards and medals as below:Gold Medal & Special Award from Malaysia Young Scientist Organisation (MYSO):

Project Name: WATER MAKER

1. Shafeeq Zaim, 4 Cekal 2. Mohamad Afifi, 4 Jujur 3. Mikhail Zhariff Hanur, 4 Jujur

Bronze Medal:

Project Name: MYHELP

1. Khairil Haziq, 4 Ikhlas 2. Zaim Arif, 4 Gigih 3. Syahir Adlan, 4 Amanah 4. Ammar Firdaus, 4 Jujur

Project Name: STUDYMATE

1. Mohamad Adam Hariz, 4 Jujur 2. Moses Tariq, 4 Cekal 3. Amirul Arsyad, 4 Amanah 4. Noorman Izmir, 4 Ikhlas

We wish to thank Mr Mohd Faizal Mahmod, our advisor, for mentoring these projects.