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Dear parents and guardians, Lessons During Movement Control Order (MCO)


Dear parents and guardians, Lessons During Movement Control Order (MCO)

The school is facing an unprecedented challenge to conduct lessons for students who are lockdowned at home due to the MCO.

KYS is very careful on the work our teachers do so that there is more substance than form in their lessons.

The program KYS has informed teachers to do is Independent Learning aided with online platform. On the students side, their daily learning will use the class timetable with learning materials given by teachers. Following that teachers communicate with students for group discussion via online platform when there is a need to do so. Students and teachers are expected to communicate well on this procedure. As individual learning needs are different, it is unavoidable that individual communication will happen.

As a guide, this is the teaching and learning (T&L) procedure.

  1. Teachers provide learning material
  2. Students do Independent learning from home following class timetable
  3. Teachers communicate with students on learning and the need for group online discussion.
  4. Teachers fixed a day and time together with students based on the classes they teach for online group discussion. Day and time is flexible to have everyone available.

We use online platform as a tool not a means to do T&L. The means is Independent Learning for better learning outcome and it is a skill for future higher learning.

However, all the lessons held through the KYS Independent Learning From Home programme during the MCO will be revised by the teachers.

We wish to thank all parents and guardians for the support and understanding towards the work we are doing during this period.

Stay safe. Keep calm. We shall weather this difficulty together.

Thank you.

The KYS Management