MYSMUN 2022: Malaysian-based Model United Nations (MUN) (23-24th of April 2022)

KYSER Forum: Career in Investment Banking (23 April 2022)
IFTAR session with the Board of Governors and students (28 April 2022)

MYSMUN 2022: Malaysian-based Model United Nations (MUN) (23-24th of April 2022)

On the 23-24th of April 2022, 13 KYS students participated in the MYSMUN conference. MYSMUN 2022 is a Malaysian-based Model United Nations (MUN) event hosted by students of the Australian International School Malaysia (AISM). MUN is a mock conference which facilitates discussions mimicking those seen in actual United Nations conferences.

This conference prompts global collaboration and harmony to create global solutions to global issues. This year’s theme for the conference is a Voice for the Voiceless, which focuses on amplifying silenced voices around the world and bringing their issues and opinions to the forefront of our world view. This theme expands our world view through Model United Nations to include those who are often lost and excluded from the conversation.

From our 13 delegates, one delegate managed to snag an awardCongratulations to: Adeena Salimee binti Ilhan Salimee (3 Gigih)- Best Speaker Award ECOSOC ( Equivalent to 2nd in the council)

Congratulations also to all our KYS Students who participated:

Umar Khaleed (4J) Jasmine Hasya (4I) Ameer Luqman (2T) Aleeya Husna (4R) Aiman Aydin (4T) Deepikkha (4I) Syahmi Baihaqi (4C) Iman Hannan (3A) Siti Khadeeja (3G) Puteri Elena (3T) Amni Najihah (2G) Sailesh Naidu (3R)

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