Games development using Scratch project

Academic Meeting (20 September 2021)
MSS Melaka Online Rugby Skills Competition 2021

Games development using Scratch project

We must get information from various sources like media, blogs, TV shows and many more especially when we are stuck at home during this pandemic. Understanding the real scenario from reliable sources of information without bias or vested interest is equally important for students.

As a sign of respect and love to all the frontliners, I have created an animation in Scratch called ‘Super Fronliners’ . This short animation portrays our appreciation toward the frontliners’ sacrifices during this pandemic. The main character in this animation is Dr. Sarah, who has been through a lot of difficulty since the beginning of Covid-19.

I hope this animation can inspire others, and also show our gratitude and appreciation to the invaluable work of the Frontliners.

Irdini binti Roshidi

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