The basic tenets of KYS’s cultural edifice are reflected in its Five Pillars of Excellence, which are
Music Ambassadors

A Holistic Education

Beside the academic and sports programmes, the learning process at KYS is enhanced by a wide range of activities that contribute to the students overall development. The holistic educational experencience aims to :

1) Provide instructional and programme support for leadership, personality, character and career development. 2) Extend the curriculum to prepare students for more advanced learning needs. 3) Further the development of knowledge through lifelong continuos learning principles. 4) Create effective teaching and learning techniques that develop independent learners. 5) Integrate information technology to enhance learning experience. 6) Develop confidence in students to apply their skills and knowledge in different situations.

One of these channels is through music education, which is compulsory for students in Forms One to Three. The achievement of learning an instruments from scratch and the opportunity to plau in an orchestral performance contribute towards the development of teamwork, discipline, patience and tolerance. In the process, students appreciate music and understand its value in society.

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