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Class of 2007

Statistics on post SPM scholarships
  • Number of Students : 57
  • Number of Students on Overseas Program Scholarships : 38
  • Number of Students on Local Program Scholarships : 8
  • Number of Self Sponsored Students : 11


On January 8th 2003, Class of 0307 comprising 59 students from all over the country, together converged with a common aim of embarking on a journey of seeking knowledge and enriching skills at the nation’s premier college. Since the first union our group spent the next five years together, enduring life in a boarding school. Class of 2007 was named Euphoria (nicknamed as ‘Eupho’) attributable to the loud, cheerful and happy-go-lucky nature of all of us, who were never short of jokes and laughter when socializing. We experienced new things together, by actively being involved in the college’s activities and functions, not to mention exploring uncharted turfs with the hope of making a difference to the society.

Y2Y Project

As the pioneer group to set out on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Premier Youth Award, we went into high gear to realise our targets. Eupho also founded the Youth2Youth project. As the name suggests, it is community service that we do to help develop our fellow youths in various fields, such as the English Language.

Our logo takes the form of 4 connected puzzle pieces. It inherits the feature of the KYS logo, which is formed by 4 polygons. It portrays the idea that each one of us is an important piece of the puzzle. Even without a single piece, the picture is not complete. It symbolizes the solidarity of Eupho.

In the course of our college days, many dreams were built and triumphs were aplenty while we soldiered on our journey of discovery. With the endless support given by Tan Sri Halim, his management team, teachers, non-academic staffs, seniors and juniors we achieved excellent academic results for the PMR and SPM. Not to mention we also secured other added values and extra credits by taking part in KYS’s extra-co curricular activities such as the performing arts, sports, recreation, public speaking and leadership trainings. These have taught us to be well-rounded individuals.

Hopefully, the practical knowledge and the understanding we learnt in good spirit will help us to create a promising future for the society and enliven the lives of the people around us.

Once a Euphorian, always a Euphorian. Closely knit together like a puzzle. May our close friendship last forever.


  • every 8/1 is our batch anniversary
  • every 3/7 is our batch day

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