Class of 0004

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Class of 0004

Statistics on post SPM scholarships
  • Number of Students : 63
  • Number of Students on Overseas Program Scholarships : 32
  • Number of Students on Local Program Scholarships : 13
  • Number of Self Sponsored Students : 18

About Nur Hannah Masturah

Nur Hannah Masturah Nazri (batch of 00-04) is currently resuming her medical studies at the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, having recently completed her intercalated BSc year in Medical Physics and Bioengineering at University College London. The intercalated BSc is a common feature of medical degrees in the United Kingdom. Students who do well in their pre-clinical years are given the option of taking a year out from medicine to pursue a one-year degree in a related subject. The student will then graduate with both the medical degree and an additional BSc degree.

Hannah was an accomplished student in KYS, regularly obtaining remarkable results as well as excelling in athletics. A proud member of Hussein House, she was also a valued member of the College Committee and the college orchestra. Hannah believes that her outstanding qualities and all-roundedness, a result of 5 years of KYS education had no doubt helped her to be accepted in to two of Britain’s top universities.

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