For admission, applicants have to fulfill entry-level requirements before an offer is made.

We advertise in June/July every year for student intake in all major newspapers. We have a scholars list meant for potentially quality students of humble socio-economic background.

Student intake is ongoing throughout an academic year. However, a place is only offered provided there is a vacancy and the new student fulfills our admission requirements.


An application MUST be submitted via KYSM Online Application.

KYSM Admission Form is for reference purposes only.

For further information contact the Student Affairs Department.

2020 Intakes

Intake for the academic year 2020 is now open for all forms.

The date of application to Form One 2020 with scholarship is from 1 August to 18 September 2019.

KYSM invites qualified students to apply to study in KYSM in 2020. Intakes are for Form 1 to Form 5. The application must be made online via our website from the link : For more information, please contact Students Affairs Dept at 06-226 3157 or email:


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