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A school dedicated to develop its students to become future leaders and captains of industries. Besides preparing our students to attain academic success, we emphasise on leadership and personality development. Our programmes are designed to provide essential learning and to ensure that every student who enrolls into the school would receive a quality all-round learning experience.

Students are taught sound moral and religious values and ample time is given to educate them to become Malaysians with a spirit of service and dedication to the nation. We also engage students in activities that would make them to become active and responsible leaders. Many students’ first experience as a leader happen in schools and on this basis, we strive to maximize the opportunities for all our students to achieve their leadership potentials.




A resort like school – the academic, boarding, dining, sports and many other facilities, are provided to give every student a quality experience of student life. Campus-wide wireless internet access gives great convenience for students to do  online work. Helping students in learning how to learn and developing them to become independent learners proved to be very inspiring for our students to work diligently with dedication and commitment towards achieving their full potential.





Here in KYS, the staff is committed to both the highest standards of academic excellence and a deep concern to develope future leaders. We strive to progress and to develope the school to cater for the future today, that is, making KYS as the School of  Tomorrow-Today (SOT2).



Historical Events 1995


Date Event
19th January 1995 Ground breaking ceremony of KYSM officiated by the Deputy Prime Minister, His Excellency Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and witnessed by Datuk Wira Halim Saad, founder of KYSM.
9th March 1995 First BOG Meeting at Ramada Hotel,Melaka.


9-3 (2)

First Board of Governor Meeting was held at the Ramada Hotel, Melaka attended by Dato’ Syed Abu Bakar Barakbah, Dato’ Abdul Shukor Abdullah, Mr. Rozalli Noordin,  Mdm. Frances Hamzah, Mr. Desmond Tate, Mr. Zulkifli Hashim & Mdm. Hasnah Saad

29th April 1995 Second BOG Meeting at Faber Towers, Kuala Lumpur.


2 May 1995


The operating office of KYSM moved from Faber Tower in Kuala Lumpur to Melaka.  Academic staff are Tn Hj Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman, Principal, Tn Hj Sulaiman bin Ibrahim, Academic Manager & Mr. Mohd Sharif bin Haron, Student Affairs Manager with socme teachers. Non Academic staff are Mr. Zaharin Sidek, Food & Accommodation Executive, Mr. Midzi bin Ibrahim, Resource Centre Executive, Tn Hj Khamis bin Ibrahim, Admin Assistant, Ms. Fatiah Jais, Clerk & Mdm. Zaleha Ramli, Clerk.
5 May 1995


Renong Education Centre organized the Induction Course II – Level  1 for the academic & non academic staff
20th May 1995 3rd BOG meeting was held at the Paradise Resort, Melaka, the Board members also visited KYSM development site



21st-23rd May 1995 The first badge of students attended the Summer Camp in Ulu Langat, Selangor for a week programme
24th-27th May 1995 The first badge of students attended a English Language Skills at Mara Language Academy
28th-31st May 1995 The executive staff attended the Team Corporate Programme by Norconsults  in Tanjung  Bidara Beach Resort, Melaka  for 3 days.
1st June 1995 Eksekutif Akademik melaporkan diri di KYS
5th June 1995 Kursus Induksi Program Kedua ,Level 1 untuk eksekutif oleh Pegawai Renong Education Centre
7th June 1995 Kursus Induksi untuk bukan eksekutif KYSM
8th June 1995 Staff Academic Meeting dan Majlis Kenduri Kesyukuran, bacaan tahlil,Yassin dan doa selamat sempena tertubuhnya KYS
11th June 1995 His Excellency Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia & His Excellency Chief Minister of Melaka visited KYSM.
12th June 1995 Inter-Office Memorandum “School Registration Meeting”
13th June 1995 School Registration Meeting
14th June 1995 Management Meeting. Chairman:En. Rozalli Noodin
25th June 1995 60 new students (40 boys & 20 girls) of first batch enrolled in Form 1 at KYSM

25-6Election of the Protem PTA Committee

26 June – 1 July 1995 Orientation programme for students
3rd July 1995 Inter-Office Memorandum from Registration and Record Executive
3rd July 1995 Tree Planting ceremony (Officiated by the YBHG Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Halim Saad: 65 fruits trees were planted.
12th July 1995 First Administration Meeting
13th July 1995 Visit by Dr. De Beer from Gifted Child Academy, Kuala Lumpur.
21 July 1995


Six students participated in the Hot Air Balloon event at Kubu Stadium, Melaka
22nd July 1995 Unofficial visit by Tan Sri Datuk Wira Halim Saad with his friends to KYS
25th July 1995 Inter-Office Memorandum “Examination System”
26th July 1995 First Budget Meeting

Farewell party for Mdm. Rapiah Abu Talib, Matron & Ms Wan Aimee Wan Mustafa, Record & Registration Executive

27th July 1995 First High Table
28th July 1995 Inter-Office Memorandum ,from NI ,Staff ID
31st July 1995 Management Meeting
4-5 August 1995


Administration of Occupational Interest Inventory
6th August 1995


First round Sayembara Puisi, Hari Kemerdekaan (Sixstudents took part, 1 student placed as no. 8)
10th August 1995 Mesyuarat Pentadbiran tentang Kursus Induksi Peringkat Kedua.
11th August 1995 A talk on Maulidur Rasul by Ustaz Shofwan Badrie (attended by muslim staff and students)
12th August 1995 Second Budget Meeting
14th August 1995 Construction of Obstacle Course stations in the campus (began on 14 August 1995 and is expected to be completed on 15 September 1995)

14 students attended the Asian Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur

17th August 1995 A talk on counseling by Dr. Shuib Che Din (UKM) (attended by teachers & executives)
18th August 1995 First PIBG Meeting

Fire Drill for students was held at 12.15am.

Protem Committee Meeting of  PTA

19th-27th August 1995 Mid-semester break of the second semester 1995 (students went home on 19 August 1995 and report back at college on 27 August 1995)
24th August 1995 Kursus Induksi Kumpulan Kedua kepada kakitangan perkhidmatan sokongan
24-26 August 1995


Non-executive Induction Course held in the college with teachers as instructors
25, 26 & 28 August


Interview of graduates to be sponsored by Yayasan Saad in KYSM (9 candidates attended)
29 August


Students visited the Planetarium, Kuala Lumpur
30 August


Merdeka Day celebration. (Declaration of patriotic poems and flagraising ceremony and exhibition on Merdeka)
3rd September 1995 Unofficial visit by Tan Sri Halim Saad to KYS
9th September 1995 5th BOG Meeting
14th September 1995 Unofficial visit by Tan Sri Halim Saad,his mom, Pn Hajjah Tijah and his brother, En. Hakim bin Saad to KYS
23rd September 1995 Official visit by Group Comm from Renong Berhad
24th September1995 Unofficial visit by Tan Sri Halim Saad with Dr Ikmal to KYS
28th September 1995 Official visit by Director of MARA,Kuala Lumpur,Tuan HJ. Mohd Zahudi.
30th September 1995 1st Cross-country
10th October 1995 Renong Berhad Meeting, chairman : Tan Sri Halim Saad
25th October 1995 Official visit by Tuan Syed Noh and En. Ahmad Rafidzi from Renong education Centre
27th October 1995 Budget Meeting by the Management with Mr Rozalli Noordin
9th November 1995 5 Year Plan was presented. Mr Rozalli Noordin attended the ceremony.
12th November 1995 Unofficial visit by Tan Sri Halim Saad to KYS
13th-25th November 1995 Student Selection 1996
14th November 1995 Official visit by Tuan Hj. Baharam Azid, JPM Examination Secretary and his assistant, En Mohammed
28th November 1995 Official visit by Tuan Syed Noh from renong Education Centre.
29th November 1995 Official visit by Tan Sri Halim Saad to KYS
5th  December 1995 6th BOG Meeting